Hey, it’s the Food Anatomist!

Growing up in Galway, my most recurrent thought about food was that a healthy diet guides a healthy mind. Especially as a shy teenager who didn’t express what was bothering me so much in words, I would use good, wholesome food as my therapist.

Having grown into quite the expressive guy now, using my words to express how I feel isn’t an issue anymore, but I still clutch my strong belief that a healthy diet keeps you content and positive and can help combat the most woeful of thoughts and times.

My way of playing on this belief, is my getting creative and incorporating these good foods into (mostly) healthy dishes. Not only does eating well help keep me sane and focused, cooking is one of my main hobbies and it is oftentimes where I find my purpose.

Many topics cause my mind to wander, but talk of food only stimulates it. Growing up, I was amongst a family of good cooks (especially my mum, granny and aunts), and, unknown to me, that knowledge accumulated and culminated in my own love for cooking, through the years.

My previous blog, Endorphin Stew led me to much more than I could have imagined before setting it up. It taught me how to share my passion with a pleasant online community, how to make the most efficient time out of cooking, how to stretch little money a long way with a food shop, and a little about how the blogging industry works.

However, ES was my college project, and now, as a fresh science graduate (who specialised in human anatomy) living abroad in Abu Dhabi, I am ready to step up with this fresh project. I have many things in mind, and being able to share my passion and creativity with all of you, will make this even more fulfilling.

Ryan x


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