Three Berry Ice Pops

Nothing gets me like the sweet summer nostalgia of childhood days in Ireland. Chasing after my neighbors with water guns, freezing in the garden whenever I’d hear the bees, making cardboard houses for worms and creepy crawlies, and running into my Mum’s dinners at sunset after an afternoon outside playing hide and seek (40:40 as we used to call it). I remember dipping in and out of the kitchen to grab a Petit Filou ice pop – essentially just a yogurt frozen with a popsicle stick in it, overturned and eaten like an ice cream.

That’s another treat I think about when I think of a feel good recipe. Something that brings me back to the good old days, and something that lights me up with a smile. I’ve decided to go even healthier with my remake of this memory; add some berries and make it vegan. They took me ten minutes to make and only a couple of hours to freeze. I bet your guests will be impressed when you sneak in one of their five a day through serving this easy treat! Enjoy.


  • Strawberries, 50 g
  • Raspberries, 50 g
  • Blueberries, 50 g
  • Agave syrup, x3 tblspns
  • Almond milk, approx. 300 mL

Each recipe makes 2 ice pops. My popsicle moulds were quite small, so increase the ratio if you want them bigger.


1. Add three tblspns of water to a small saucepan over medium heat, boil, add 50g of one of the three fruits and cover the pan with a lid for five mins.

2. Mash the fruit with a fork, add the agave syrup and stir.

3. Pour the berry syrup into the almond milk, mix well and pour the mixture between the two popsicle moulds.

4. Repeat the process with the other two fruits and freeze together for 2-3 hours before enjoying! Play around with the recipe by increasing the ratio of ingredients to enjoy different sized ice-pops.


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