Blueberry Oat Scones

Oats have long been a life-saver for me when it comes to cooking. From using them as an affordable way to start my day as a student with porridge, to blending them into a flour to bake a healthy loaf, to making a bulky and filling smoothie and making these decadent yet super easy scones. Oats are amazing. Did I mention, they’re high in fibre, to help maintain a healthy gut, full of nutrients such as Vitamin B1, Copper, Iron and Zinc, plus they’re a low-GI food which means they don’t cause huge spikes in insulin levels which is a causative factor behind diabetes.

Baking has never been my strongest point, or something I love doing as much as cooking healthy meals, but there’s no denying the therapeutic effect of it once you’re doing it. I remember growing up to the fresh and exciting smell of baked scones at home when I was younger, so I suppose reliving the nostalgia of them is what motivates me to bake them a lot of the time. This recipe varies from the traditional one in the sense that I used oat flour completely instead of refined. I’m also a sucker for the taste of baked blueberries so they were thrown in there for sure. The sweet scent of baked blueberry and warming oats wafting around the kitchen will make you want to recreate these again and again.


• Jumbo oats, 265g

• Olive spread, 90g

• Milk/sweetened soy milk, 110ml

• Brown/coconut sugar, 25g

• Egg whites, x2

• Baking powder

• Salt

• Blueberries, 1/2 a punnet

• Extra flour for kneading


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

2. To an electric mixture, or by hand, mix the olive spread and sugar together until an even, fluffy mixture forms.

3. Add in the egg whites and mix for a further minute.

4. Slowly add half the quantity of milk to the mixture and mix.

5. After measuring out the jumbo oats, finely mill them in a Nutrition Mixer or high-powered blender (they must be of flour consistency to end with).

6. Add 1 tblspn of baking power and 1 teaspn of salt to the milled oats and mix well.

7. Add your dry and wet mixture and mix thoroughly. Add in the rest of your milk slowly to ensure that the mixture doesn’t become watery. Add in your blueberries and give it all another quick mix.

8. Onto a clean countertop, knead the dough over some more flour for about 3 mins before breaking it up into 6 equal-sized portions.

9. Onto a lined baking tray, spread out the scone mixtures. Pat each one down gently with the back of a tblspn to make sure the scones don’t come out too circular.

10. Bake the scones for approx. 15-17 mins and more if a skewer pierced into the largest scone doesn’t come out clean.

11. Leave scones on a cooling rack for at least 10 mins before serving.

12. These scones go really well with olive spread and jam or natural yogurt and some squashed raspberries.

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