Recipes From the West: A John West & Food Anatomist Collaboration

Whether you’re a busy student or working a hectic schedule, meal prepping is key to staying on track with a healthy diet. During all of my years of experimenting with fast, efficient, and tasty meals, tinned tuna has always been a part of my shopping list for its versatility and ability to be used in so many different kinds of dishes (as seen in my recipes below).

John West, famous for its high quality, natural sources of protein, is a brand that I remember always having been stocked in my kitchen cupboard from a young age. My love for it has extended beyond my childhood into my day-to-day schedule; whether I’m spreading the tuna pasta bake I prepared at the weekend across a few lunchtimes in college throughout the week, or I throw together a nutritious stuffed tuna sweet potato between lectures at lunchtime, I’m always left satisfied and full of energy after enjoying John West’s tuna range.

John West products are naturally high in natural protein, and Vitamin D supporting muscle maintenance and the normal functioning of the immune system. Not to mention, the convenience of the packaging as seen in the No-Drain fridge pots, and the variety of flavors through the infusions range. I have prepared a selection of recipes using a variety of products across the John West range and I have posted them below. What I like most about the three recipes is how effortless they were to make, how tasty they were while having the added bonus of being healthy! I really hope you enjoy these recipes, and I’d love you to tag me and John West’s Instagram in any of your recreations. You can also check out their website for more information about their products, including nutritional information.

Recipe 1: Fresh Tuna Tacos

Recipe 2: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe 3: Tuna Pasta Bake


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