Creamy(less) Mushroom Spaghetti

One-pot dishes are never really something to complain about. There’s such merit in minimal washing up that we would sometimes sacrifice the quality of our dishes if it meant less washing up after the cooking. Well, there’s nothing poor about the quality of this delicious one pot dish!

After aubergines, mushrooms are my favourite vegetable for their unique taste and their meaty texture. I’m a sucker for creamy dishes, and I find mushrooms always compliment them. Mushrooms being packed with lots of goodness have never worried me when eaten in big consumption; it’s the copious amounts of dairy cream that I ate with them that has always spurred the guilt.

Because of this, I’ve decided to whip together a fantastic dinner combination which comes out just as creamy as a risotto, but with wholegrain spaghetti instead, and without any dairy!

This recipe serves 5 and is:

V & D


• Mushrooms, 250 g

• Spinach, handful/40 g

• Asparagus, 70 g

• Turkish sundried tomatoes, 50 g

• Basil and thyme, 1 tblspn each

• Pinch of salt

• Red onion, medium x1

• Garlic cloves, x3

• Brown rice/wholegrain spaghetti, 300 g

• Vegetable stock cube, x1

• Rice milk, 2 cups

• Parmesan/vegan cheese/nutritional yeast

• Oil for frying


1. Roast three garlic cloves for 5 mins at 180 degrees Celsius and chop finely.

2. Chop the mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomatoes and onion and place them aside for later.

3. Sautée the chopped garlic and onions on a preheated pan for a minute before adding the chopped mushrooms.

4. Fry together for 4 mins before adding the asparagus and frying all together for another 5 mins.

5. Add the spaghetti with 2 cups of veg stock (1 dissolved stock cube), and 1 cup of rice milk to start.

6. Add the herbs and salt and place the lid on the pan.

7. Remove the lid after a couple of minutes to allow evaporation.

8. Cook over medium heat for approx. 25 mins, stirring occasionally and adding the remaining cup of oat milk gradually as the contents dry up.

9. Add some vegan cheese, nutritional yeast or Parmesan and stir, followed by the spinach which doesn’t take long to wilt.

10. Once the liquid has condensed into a nice, creamy mixture, it’s ready to serve.


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