Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Now more than ever, we have more time to get creative in the kitchen. Just like engaging in an adult’s colouring book, gardening or taking to a musical instrument, decorating your food can be an act of mindfulness. Below, I’m sharing just one of many of my smoothie recipes, along with some information about the ingredients I have used within… I am always so curious when it comes to dissecting food down into its core nutrients!

🧠 Blueberries are thought to support prostate health and help to improve memory⁣

💤 Golgi berries contain many antioxidants, promote good sleep and benefit cardiovascular health⁣

🍋 Lemons/Limes are detoxifying and can help reduce inflammation⁣

🍌 Bananas promote bone health by feeding good bacteria in the gut and are a real energy booster⁣

🥑 Avocados help improve fertility and help lower blood pressure⁣

🥜 Cashews and almond nuts are a source of protein, healthy fat and fibre, while also lowering cholesterol and providing antioxidants⁣

❤️ Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fats, which are great for the heart⁣


  • Avocado x1⁣
  • Lime x1⁣
  • Banana 1/2⁣
  • Honey, 2 tbspns
  • Handful of cashew nuts⁣
  • Handful of hazelnuts⁣
  • A cup of almond milk⁣
  • 2 cups of frozen berries⁣
  • Approx. 1.5 tbspns of flaxseeds, chia seeds and orange zest⁣
  • A sprinkle of Goji berries⁣
  • To make the consistency of the smoothie more thick, you can add in half a cup of yogurt (that will make it a non-vegan option, however)⁣


The way I decorate my smoothie bowl is by pouring the smoothie into a dish before gently adding the other ingredients onto the top of it⁣.

  1. Blend together the avocado, berries, honey and almond milk (making sure to leave the milk until last to give yourself a rough idea as to how much you’ll need), until it is of a smooth consistency throughout⁣.

2. Fill the dish up halfway with the smoothie, making sure to pat it down with the back of a spoon as it might fall out in clumps⁣.

3. When this is done, the time has come to use your imagination with the rest of the ingredients. What starts off the decorating for me is placing a line of banana along the middle of the dish…just think of the awesome benefits you’ll get from this recipe; that ought to get you enthusiastic about it. 


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